The latest build of the windows 10 was released in May 2018, about four or five months later there are still a considerable number of people using older versions of windows. Windows installation is not difficult any longer; anybody can successfully carry out installation without previous experience. However, there are certain things that would assist in ensuring smooth installation process. These things are very important because they can help you avoid issues with the installation. The first thing recommended is to answer the question ‘why do you need new windows?’ Some of the reasons people may need new windows are;

  • If the old windows is out dated
  • If the old windows is corrupted or broken

If the windows you have have issues that may affect your ability to make backup of very important files, it is recommended you find an experience professional to assist you. However if the windows is in good condition, it is not that difficult to carry out the installation of the new windows. The information below are provided as a way of guiding people before the install new operating systems, the information contained herein would save some people a ton of time and mistakes. Two critical issues to look out for are; to be orderly and very careful with backups as this can reduce ton of problems and paying attention to warning signs. Warning messages are prompted to ensure the person actually knows the implication of their actions even before taking them. Here are things you need to know before installing new windows.

  1. Prepare To Make Updates

While installing windows, it is usually less time consuming to skip download of updates. This is because it can be done manually after installation is complete. Updates are critical to ensure everything works great. As time passes, adjustments are constantly being made on software to ensure they function as expected.  It is possible that most programs from your previous installation/update are out of date already. Prepare to take time in making sure all programs and drivers are updated. Installing windows takes longer than most people think, but when it is done properly the rewards are great.

  1. Record Keeping

It is sometimes difficult to remember the list of all installed programs on your computer. When new windows are installed, all the programs on the old windows will be erased.  It gets a little confusing when you are staring at the newly installed windows and trying to remember all the programs you need to reinstall. Making a list would enable you prepare the installation files required for easy reinstallation after installing the new windows. Remember to include keys and licenses for the list of programs in order not to lose subscription and premium services.

Are you one of those people who allow browsers to save their usernames and passwords for easy login? News flash; everything will get wiped out when new windows are installed.  You can store a comprehensive list of all IDs and Passwords on an excel file protected by a password. This file should be stored away in safe location away from your computer for easy access.

You should ensure you make a list of bookmarks, favorites, websites and add-ons and back them up on an external device.

  1. New Windows Requirements And Compatibility

Compatibility is a serious issue with windows; this is because not all existing hardware is compatible with newer operating systems; some are either too old or simply not just suitable. Microsoft has released the requirements for latest version of windows, you can check here for more details. Check to ensure your computer meets the minimum requirements before proceeding to make installation. Where you computer does not meet the requirements, it is better to check out the system requirements of older versions of windows that are more suitable.  Compatibility issues arise when certain programs are not able to function satisfactorily because they are not built for that type of system. Ensure the computer architecture is the same with the software version to be installed. A 32-bit computer would encounter compatibility issues if a 64-bit windows operating system is being installed. To discover your computer architecture click the Windows button, click on computer, right click on computer, select properties and properties will be displayed.

  1. Data Backup

Begin by creating a system backup image, this is like an image of the windows on your computer system which can be reverted to at any point in time its suitable. The reason why this is created is to have something to fall back on when installation fails or windows get corrupted in the future. You can save the back up on any of the drives on your computer but is better to save it on an external drive.

It is easy to create system image back up of your computer simply follow the following steps:

  • Press the windows button, and then go to Control Panel.
  • Go to System and Security, and click Back up your computer
  • Click on Create a system image
  • Select the location to save your system image, and click Next.
  • Confirm settings, and then click Start backup.

Look through your computer drive and make a back up of all personal files. These files includes documents, images, videos and set ups. Backing them up ensures you can easily restore them once windows installation is complete.  Ensure the backup is not made on the same computer; use an external device with enough memory that can be accessed easily when restore is required.

  1. Check Your Disk Space

Windows 10 requires a minimum of about 16GB disk space, but its best to have excess space than to have a deficiency. It is important to ensure there is sufficient space before commencing windows installation. When your space is not enough, create more room by moving some files to external devices as backup before installation.  You can store some information online and access them when convenient, this is called cloud services. Most major cloud services websites had their web designing done by the best web design companies; they are reliable and trusted.

  1. Prepare For Manual Installation Of Some Drivers

Drivers are a group of files that enable effective communication between computer hardware and the operating system. Drivers are vital for smooth running of computer programs and files. Although the latest version of windows operating system comes with drivers that install automatically during windows installation, there are other key drivers that are required which may need to be installed manually. It is important to make adequate preparation for driver installation before commencing windows installation to enable easy access to them. Some drivers are crucial to the completion of the installation process like wireless or LAN drivers which are needed for connection to the internet. Ensure you have all drivers that are required already gathered to make the installation process smooth and easy.

Note: please ensure you get the compatible drivers for your computer from the official websites only; getting drivers from random websites may not be safe for installation on your computer.s

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