Deploy Acrobat Reader installation software package remotely

In this guide we will explain how you can deploy a existing package‘s that exists in the repository storage to remote
computers in your network. This operation is silent and without any end user interuption and can only be executed
under administrator privileges.

Products used in this tutorials are

Acrobat Reader


Google Picasa


It is very important before you continue to evaluate this tutorial to make sure you are running the latest version of the

PC Remote Software Deployment


You can download the latest version here:

PC Remote Software Deployment

- Download Link

To deploy package‘s click on the Execute Remote Task button. Then select the Deploy Package item.

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Deploy and install the Acrobat Reader software package remotely on remote hosts in network

Deploy the Acrobat Reader and Mozilla Firefox remotely to computers

Next select the package‘s you want to deploy and add one or more computers into the machine queue. When this is done click on
the Deploy Package button to start the deployment task.

Select the Acrobat Reader and Mozilla Firefox package to be installed

The deployment task will be executed and install all files and registry available in the repository storage for selected packages on remote computers available in machine queue.

Remote deployment of Acrobat Reader and Mozilla Firefox in progress

The remote deployment task completed successfully and the package is now installed. If you want detailed deployment results you can switch to the Detailed Results tab.

Remote install the Acrobat Reader and Mozilla Firefox completed

More detailed results from the

Acrobat Reader


Google Picasa

software installation.

View detailed remote deployment results and export to popular formats

The product

PC Remote Software Deployment

offers you with a wide range of admin tasks like remote software install and
uninstallation for your remote hosts. It also comes with a full blown software repackaging engine that can convert any existing
software setup / installations into a Windows installer MSI package for distribution. All created and managed MSI packages
are fully compatible and supported for the latest Microsoft installer standards and can be remotely deployed from a services
like GPO (group policy system), SSCM and any other third party products on the market today and supports deployment of
msi packages files remotely.


PC Remote Software Deployment

works with so called


that are natively for the product and can hold all files
and registry data from the repackaged software via our snapshot module that uses the before and after technology. All created
packages are stored in a repository storage for future use and can be stored on a local drive or remote unc path for shareable
usage between network administrators. The snapshot module supports repackaging a software installations that requires either
a service or driver installations and this support makes our product one of its kind as it can repackage easy to complex software

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