Create installation msi package from the mozilla firefox application

In this guide we will create a snapshot package from the Mozilla Firefox application. The package can then be deployed to
remote computers in network to install the application.

It is very important before you continue to evaluate this tutorial to make sure you are running the latest version of the

PC Remote Software Deployment


You can download the latest version here:

PC Remote Software Deployment

- Download Link

Switch to the Project Management tab and click on the Create Package button, next select Take Snapshot of an Installation
Modification > My Snapshot will not require a reboot item.

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Create a Mozilla Firefox msi installation package for distribution in enterprise networks.

Create installation package from Mozilla Firefox applications

Taking the first system snapshot of all files and registry in progress.

Creating first snapshot of the Mozilla Firefox setup installation

Next locate and execute the installation file for your

Mozilla Firefox


Select and install Mozilla Firefox product on the computer


Mozilla Firefox

installation in progress, complete the installation.

When you have install the

Mozilla Firefox

application and tweak its settings for your needs click next on the Create Snapshot (After) button to execute the second snapshot and compare the changes between the first and second.

Install and configure Mozilla Firefox with your settings

Second snapshot in progress, it is very important at this time you do not interact with Windows.

Creating second snapshot in progress for the Mozilla Firefox software

Second snapshot complete, next click on the Finalize Snapshot Package Now button to view and save your package
into repository storage.

Finalize Mozilla Firefox monitored package to repository

Next give your package a name and a description. From this view you can also add or modify your captured data for your needs.

Click Create Package button to continue and save/repository your package.

Give your monitored snapshot package a name and description

Finalizing package for repository notice will appear click OK button to continue.

Finalize and move the created snapshot package to repository storage

The program will now repository all captured files and registry into a storage.

Moving snapshot package of Mozilla Firefox to repository storage

Package created successfully, and is ready to be deployed to your remote computers with exactly the same settings as installed.

Deploy Mozilla Firefox snapshot package remotely to remote computers


PC Remote Software Deployment

is a full featured software repackaging tool and comes with a lot of other useful features like
remote software installation and remote software uninstallation. The product also comes with a modules to execute remote process
and a module to remote deploy Windows installer MSI packages. You can also uninstall any software installations based on the msi
technology from your remote computers. All remote operations are working in a silent mode for the end user and supports hyper
threading mode for multiple remote tasks.

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Software repackaging to convert EXE to MSI package for distribution in enterprise networks
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