Capture remote screenshot from a remote computer in network

In this document guide we will demonstrate in easy steps how you can add a remote host to the program host database
and remotely capture the desktop screen to a .jpg file format that will be saved to the configured storage path.

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It is very important before you continue to evaluate this tutorial to make sure you are running the latest version
of the

PC Remote Screenshot


You can download the latest version here:

PC Remote Screenshot

- Download Link

To take a remote screenshot from a remote computer in network click on the „Add Host“ button located on the
main application screen.

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How to capture a remote desktop screenshot from a remote computer in network silently

Next configure and assign remote screen capture settings you want be set for the specific remote host and click „Apply“
button to continue.

Now remote host has been added to the program host database and you can interact by right click on specific host and
select „Take Screenshot“ to initialize a remote screen capture.

Remote screen fetch successfully taken from the specific remote host.

All remote screenshots (fetch) are saved default to local drive but this can be changes in the program settings to any path in your
network including remote UNC location or to a network share. To change default screenshot storage path go to program settings.

PC Remote Screenshot

is a full featured applicaiton to capture and fetch remote desktop screenshots from any remote computer
in your network. The remote screen fetch service works in stealth mode and is hidden for the end user and capture remote screens
without end user interuptions.

Key Features of PC Remote Screenshot product

Capture desktop screenshots automatically from any remote host you wish to monitor.

Capture and monitor multi monitors connected on a remote host.

Screenshot service installation is stealth and silent for the end user.

Take screenshots at regular capture intervals which can be adjustable.

Monitor all remote computers activities continuously in real time over TCP/IP port.

View each captured remote screen clearly by enlarging the screenshot size.

Monitor any remote computer desktop screens over the remote network.

Remotely watch your employee computer screens over LAN/Network (Local Area Network).

Usage Scenarios (Employee Remote Computer Screen Monitoring)

Monitor employee computer activities and ask those employees who are abusing company resources back to work immediately. The

PC Remote Screenshot

is a all-in-one employee monitoring software to track what your employees are doing on their computers! Find out why some workers are not the productive employees in your compnay, the

PC Remote Screenshot

monitoring software is helpful for your employee evaluation.

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