Convert EXE to MSI and Remote Software Deployments

PC Remote Software Deployment - (Screenshots)

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It is easy to convert any package source into a self-installing Windows Installer (MSI) file. You can also create a MSI file for uninstallation mode.

Create a snapshot package via before and after technology from the main screen. You can create a snapshot either from a install or uninstall modification.

Convert existing software installation to silent msi package for installation
Repackage any existing software setup or exe installation to msi package
Create silent msi package for distribution in a silent mode

Shows one of the options available when creating Windows Installer (MSI) install/uninstall file.

Remote deploy and install windows installer msi files and packages

Shows one of the options available when deploying a Windows Installer (MSI) file to your remote computers. The deploy feature allows you to assign various settings before starting the deployment.

Remote software installation via deploy package remote to hosts
Execute a remote process with the Execute Remote Task

You can execute remote process within the product. Create a execute process task pointing to the file you want to execeute and pick target computers and the program will execute it remotely.

After creating a package from either install or uninstallation you can then deploy it to remote computers in your network in two easy steps, i.e.. pick your package, select remote computers and the program will deploy all of the package source including files/registry etc...

View and export all software installation results to popular formats
Fetch and enumerate remote hosts from a fetch by domain names

Before you deploy or uninstall a package you need to pick your target computers, you can let the program do it automatically for you from the domain scanning feature.

After every deployment you can export the results into various of formats including ... .html, xml, txt etc...

Main screen of the PC Remote Software Deployment tool
View and edit monitored software installation sources of files and registry

Double click on any package and you can access its source for modification.

Shows the main screen of the PC Remote Software Deployment product.

Uninstall software installation installed by Windows installer technology
MSI products uninstallation configuration dialog

Shows one of the MSI uninstall feature options. Tweak your settings before starting the uninstallation process.

One of the advanced feature in PC Remote Software Deployment is MSI uninstallation feature, where you can uninstall products in your network that where previously
installed via Windows Installer (MSI) technology.

Network software deployment and remote software uninstallation products...
Software repackaging to convert EXE to MSI package for distribution in enterprise networks
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