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How to convert a monitored snapshot package to a msi package for installation

In this document you can learn how to convert any existing monitored package of a software installation into a Windows
installer MSI package ready for distribution across your enterprise networks. All created msi package are fully supported
for the SSCM, Group Policy (GPO) and any other third party tools that supports remote installation of MSI packages.

Capture a software uninstallation into a package that can be used to remove software remotely

In this document we will guide on how you can create a new snapshot package that can be used to uninstall specific
application installation from your remote computers using our unique snapshot engine that can take a complete system
snapshot of all files and registry during a software installation or uninstallation modification using the before and after technology. The snapshot engine is safe and secure as it uses built-in filtering engine that protects most of the Windows
components from been scanned into the monitored package.

In this document we will guide you on how you can repackage existing software installation of the Mozilla Firefox product
into a package that can be used to deploy the application remotely to your remote computers. The created package can
also be converted into a silent MSI install / uninstall package ready for distribution in your enterprise network.

Capture and create a Mozilla Firefox installation package that can be used for deployments

In this document we will show you the simple steps on how you can install a existing package to all of your remote hosts
by copying the available file and registry data that where monitored during the snapshot task. The package deployments
are completely silent for the end user and without any interaction and support multi platforms of Windows.

Create a package from Acrobat Reader installation and deploy it remotely to remote hosts

Product features checkmark for Remote Software Deployment tool

Full featured and all-in-one software repackaging engine that supports service and driver installations.

Monitor any software (exe / setup) installation into a package that can be converted to a msi package for installations.

Product features checkmark for Remote Software Deployment tool
Product features checkmark for Remote Software Deployment tool

Remote install or uninstall any software applications remotely to your remote computers in a silent mode operation.

Convert EXE to MSI module to repackage easy to complex application installation into a silent msi package file.

Product features checkmark for Remote Software Deployment tool
Product features checkmark for Remote Software Deployment tool

Monitor any software uninstallation into a uninstall package that can be executed to remove the software remotely.

Detailed product info for PC Remote Software Deployment

PC Remote Software Deployment

Detailed product information - (Convert EXE to MSI and Remote Software Installation tool)


PC Remote Software Deployment

is a full featured product to help network administrators with their complex daily tasks
like installing or uninstalling software applications remotely to their remote computers. The product comes with a full featured
and all-in-one software repackaging engine to capture easy to complex software installations into a package that is natively to
the product and contains all the required files and registry data needed to install or uninstall the specific repackaged
application remotely.

The product also comes with a unique feature to convert any monitored package into a fully compatible msi package both for
installation and uninstallation modes. All created msi packages are using the latest Microsoft Windows installer standards and
therefore they can be installed using services like SSCM, GPO (group policy object) and any other third party utilities that
supports remote deployments for msi installation packages.


PC Remote Software Deployment

also supports remote tasks like ...

Execute a remote process for remote computers.

Install or Deploy MSI package files remotely in a silent mode operation and without any end user interactions.

Uninstall software applications that where installed using the msi technology silently from remote computers.

... more ...
PC Remote Software Deployment - Easy-to-use network admin tool for network software deployments on remote pc's

Start using our

Remote Deployment

tool now and get your remote pc's up to date with the latest software installed or keep your
remote pc's clean from unwanted software been installed using our built-in

Remote Software Uninstall

feature. The Uninstall
Software Remote feature can remove any files and registry data that is available in each package created and is able to remove
all locked files and registry on the next remote computer reboot for a completely removal and uninstallation of the software.

Product supported for
Windows 10 operating system
Product supported for the Windows 10 operating system
Network software deployment and remote software uninstallation products...
Software repackaging to convert EXE to MSI package for distribution in enterprise networks
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