Download our PC Remote Software Deployment product

The PC Remote Software Deployment is used to generate MSI packages which has a single installation workflow and
reconfigured installation options. The generated MSI packages can be deployed or uninstalled in Windows PCs over
a network in an unattended fashion (remote install/uninstall) using the PC Remote Software Deployment.
The important feature of the application is the ability to convert the non-silent EXE setups to silent MSI packages,
which can be used by administrator to create packages to be installed in the remote machines.

Download now the PC Remote Software Deployment product

PC Remote Software Deployment


Download our PC Remote Screenshot product
Download now the PC Remote Screenshot product

PC Remote Screenshot

PC Remote Screenshot allows you to take a remote screenshots in network/lan under administrator privilege. All screenshots
are saved as .jpg file and can be viewed at any time or copied to another media. The remote screenshot is completely silent
for the end user and works over socket a connection.

About PC Remote Screenshot - (Full featured product to capture remote desktop screenshots)

About PC Remote Software Deployment - (Software repackaging "Convert EXE to MSI" engine)

Version:; Size: 45.0 Mb; Released: 20.10.2014; 30 uses trial.
Version: 2.30.45 Build 5190; Size: 15.0 Mb; Released: 15.10.2014; 30 uses trial.
Product supported for
Windows 10 operating system
Product supported for the Windows 10 operating system
Product supported for
Windows 10 operating system
Product supported for the Windows 10 operating system
Network software deployment and remote software uninstallation products...
Software repackaging to convert EXE to MSI package for distribution in enterprise networks
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