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Perhaps no other railway fleet is as hard to board than the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Railway Company. This is due to the sheer population of potential commuters who prefer using the company to move around.

In response to the congested nature of such travels and the huge number of queues that people have to follow to book a place, the company did produce booking software. This is the Tatkal software.


For a start, the Tatkal software is a computer program that allows you to book tickets to the Indian Railways. It is designed to be a browser add-on. This is to mean that it is meant to work hand in hand with your browser to extend its functionality. We are going to demonstrate quickly how you are to use this software to book the trains.


Step I: Download the Software Program

Start by downloading the software from the internet. There are various versions of the software that are designed to work with different browsers. Some of the top browsers it supports are Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. The following sites may provide the much-needed starting point.

Step II: Install the Software

Install the software on your computer. While at it, create a shortcut at the desktop or the main Windows program list. This is to facilitate access whenever the situation may so require. After you have installed the software program, proceed to set your username, password, and other unique identifiers. These are the credentials you will utilize for your subsequent access and validations.

Tatkal Software

Step III: Fill in the Details

This is the crucial step of the entire booking process. It is this step that makes or breaks the entire exercise. With the software program opened, proceed to fill in the necessary details. Enter your name, contact details, the route, destination, entire duration of the journey, start, and end times, among other relevant details. Save the information and close the software program.

Step IV: Connect your Device to the Internet

Inasmuch as the software is mainly intended for offline use, you will still require an active internet connection to send the data you will have filled to the relevant server. If and when you are ready to do so, you will have to make arrangements to enable this happen. You may consider using your telephone company’s network to do this.

Step V: Send the Details

Finally, send the details to the remote server. As soon the reservation is effected, you will receive a confirmation from the Indian Railways Company. The confirmation appears directly on your screen. It displays among others, the time, route, start and end of the journey. In some instances, an e-mail or text message may be sent to you as well.


It is no secret that Tatkal software is indeed vital in beating the long queues that most train booking stations in India do experience. It is against this backdrop that you inevitably have to make good use of it. Be sure to do so in the soonest time possible!

House Party Ideas- Make a party Successful

House parties are of many types. This is determined by the crowd, but we are going to consider what all this house parties have in common.

We are going to start with the most obvious which is, music for a house party to be effective you need a good selection of music depending on the crowd. It’s always good to include techno music as this has been provided to increase heart rate which in turn making the quests more active and this keeps the party lively.

The next common factor is games. Now there are a set of games that are meant to help people bond these games include .tag your Friend where two strangers are partnered together and tasked with completing a set of challenges that require them to work together. This helps them connect and also makes the party livelier. The other game is truth or dare, this game is meant to break the ice in-house parties to help people know each other and to also help set the theme of the party.

The other common feature is the food served. If the party is a corporate party the guests will expect dinner or lunch. The food should be accompanied by drinks example glasses of wine for the guests. It’s always a good idea to serve alcohol as I help loosen the mood but a lot of alcohol may also ruin the party, so it should be restricted.

The other most important thing is entertainment, its always a good to have an MC.this is a person who keeps the crowd entertained, they tell jokes and keep the theme of the party, they also help organize and direct the party to the next stage.

The other important part of a house party is the venue, the venue influences the mood of the party. Now you might ask what I mean by the venue and we all know it’s a house party. Well, let me explain, the house where the party is taking place need to be pimped up by this I mean that you need to decorate the house to fit the theme of the party. Example if the house party is to celebrate a graduation party the house should be decorated with the colors of the school the graduate is from there should also be a dress code to complement the colors. If it’s a Christmas party there should be decorations to show the same. The decorations are meant to set the theme of the party and make it livelier

The last and most important part of a house party is uniqueness, most people assume that all house parties are the same simply because the theme of all the house parties is the same, now to change this you will need to set a unique theme that will keep the quests entertained yet curious. This helps in creating an environment of discovery, by keeping the quests guessing you keep them entertained.

All these common aspects of a house party changes from party to party depending on the host and the theme of the party and it’s up to the host to ensure that their party is unique while still maintaining the common aspects of a house party