The latest build of the windows 10 was released in May 2018, about four or five months later there are still a considerable number of people using older versions of windows. Windows installation is not difficult any longer; anybody can successfully carry out installation without previous experience. However, there are certain things that would assist in ensuring smooth installation process. These things are very important because they can help you avoid issues with the installation. The first thing recommended is to answer the question ‘why do you need new windows?’ Some of the reasons people may need new windows are;

  • If the old windows is out dated
  • If the old windows is corrupted or broken

If the windows you have have issues that may affect your ability to make backup of very important files, it is recommended you find an experience professional to assist you. However if the windows is in good condition, it is not that difficult to carry out the installation of the new windows. The information below are provided as a way of guiding people before the install new operating systems, the information contained herein would save some people a ton of time and mistakes. Two critical issues to look out for are; to be orderly and very careful with backups as this can reduce ton of problems and paying attention to warning signs. Warning messages are prompted to ensure the person actually knows the implication of their actions even before taking them. Here are things you need to know before installing new windows.

  1. Prepare To Make Updates

While installing windows, it is usually less time consuming to skip download of updates. This is because it can be done manually after installation is complete. Updates are critical to ensure everything works great. As time passes, adjustments are constantly being made on software to ensure they function as expected.  It is possible that most programs from your previous installation/update are out of date already. Prepare to take time in making sure all programs and drivers are updated. Installing windows takes longer than most people think, but when it is done properly the rewards are great.

  1. Record Keeping

It is sometimes difficult to remember the list of all installed programs on your computer. When new windows are installed, all the programs on the old windows will be erased.  It gets a little confusing when you are staring at the newly installed windows and trying to remember all the programs you need to reinstall. Making a list would enable you prepare the installation files required for easy reinstallation after installing the new windows. Remember to include keys and licenses for the list of programs in order not to lose subscription and premium services.

Are you one of those people who allow browsers to save their usernames and passwords for easy login? News flash; everything will get wiped out when new windows are installed.  You can store a comprehensive list of all IDs and Passwords on an excel file protected by a password. This file should be stored away in safe location away from your computer for easy access.

You should ensure you make a list of bookmarks, favorites, websites and add-ons and back them up on an external device.

  1. New Windows Requirements And Compatibility

Compatibility is a serious issue with windows; this is because not all existing hardware is compatible with newer operating systems; some are either too old or simply not just suitable. Microsoft has released the requirements for latest version of windows, you can check here for more details. Check to ensure your computer meets the minimum requirements before proceeding to make installation. Where you computer does not meet the requirements, it is better to check out the system requirements of older versions of windows that are more suitable.  Compatibility issues arise when certain programs are not able to function satisfactorily because they are not built for that type of system. Ensure the computer architecture is the same with the software version to be installed. A 32-bit computer would encounter compatibility issues if a 64-bit windows operating system is being installed. To discover your computer architecture click the Windows button, click on computer, right click on computer, select properties and properties will be displayed.

  1. Data Backup

Begin by creating a system backup image, this is like an image of the windows on your computer system which can be reverted to at any point in time its suitable. The reason why this is created is to have something to fall back on when installation fails or windows get corrupted in the future. You can save the back up on any of the drives on your computer but is better to save it on an external drive.

It is easy to create system image back up of your computer simply follow the following steps:

  • Press the windows button, and then go to Control Panel.
  • Go to System and Security, and click Back up your computer
  • Click on Create a system image
  • Select the location to save your system image, and click Next.
  • Confirm settings, and then click Start backup.

Look through your computer drive and make a back up of all personal files. These files includes documents, images, videos and set ups. Backing them up ensures you can easily restore them once windows installation is complete.  Ensure the backup is not made on the same computer; use an external device with enough memory that can be accessed easily when restore is required.

  1. Check Your Disk Space

Windows 10 requires a minimum of about 16GB disk space, but its best to have excess space than to have a deficiency. It is important to ensure there is sufficient space before commencing windows installation. When your space is not enough, create more room by moving some files to external devices as backup before installation.  You can store some information online and access them when convenient, this is called cloud services. Most major cloud services websites had their web designing done by the best web design companies; they are reliable and trusted.

  1. Prepare For Manual Installation Of Some Drivers

Drivers are a group of files that enable effective communication between computer hardware and the operating system. Drivers are vital for smooth running of computer programs and files. Although the latest version of windows operating system comes with drivers that install automatically during windows installation, there are other key drivers that are required which may need to be installed manually. It is important to make adequate preparation for driver installation before commencing windows installation to enable easy access to them. Some drivers are crucial to the completion of the installation process like wireless or LAN drivers which are needed for connection to the internet. Ensure you have all drivers that are required already gathered to make the installation process smooth and easy.

Note: please ensure you get the compatible drivers for your computer from the official websites only; getting drivers from random websites may not be safe for installation on your computer.s

How to Download & Install Windows 10 Pro for Free!

Yet, Microsoft leads the operating system industry with the best and innovative products. However, its experimental windows 8 didn’t work successfully. So, later, the Microsoft brought a great operating system, and it was Windows 10. It was free for the first time for Windows 7 & Windows 8 users. They can upgrade to the Windows 10 Pro for free of cost till December 2017.

In November 2017, Microsoft announced that the upgrade would be no longer free after December and hence now, upgrade requires some bucks from your wallet.

However, still, there is a hole to download windows 10 Pro for free as Microsoft hasn’t yet closed all the doors.

Windows 10 Pro full version free download

Before going to deep in the steps, you should know that the free version of Windows will be usable for years to come. Even, all Windows users regardless of XP, Vista, 7 and 8 will be able to download and use the operating system Windows 10 Pro.

So, follow the following steps to download Windows 10 Pro.

Step-1: Open the link to a browser and navigate it. When it comes “Get Started”, write your Windows account details, email and password in the sign-up box and create an account.

Step-2: You’ll be shown two types of accounts. One is for PC, and another is for mobile. If you want Windows 10 for PC, click on PC, on the contrary click on the phone to get a copy of Windows 10 for mobile.

Step-3: Then a page titled with “Is it right for me?” will be shown before you to match the requirements the new Windows 10 wants to run in the device. If you think that your PC or Phone is compatible with the version of the operating system, Click on Download the ISO link.

Step-4: Here is a caution. You should write down the key which is shown on the Windows 10 preview. You may not need it, but it’s a precaution if it is wanted to active the system after installation.

Step-5: Now you are in the process of installation. First, choose the language from the list for which you want to operate the PC. Then select either 64-bit or 32-bit from the option depending on the requirements of your task.

Step-6: Now click on the download link from the page and download the ISO file and burn it in your USB or a DVD.

Windows 10 Pro full version free Installation

After successfully installing the ISO file, now it’s time to install the operating system.

For Clean Installation

If you want a clean installation, you have to boot Windows 10 from USB or DVD. Then install the latest version preview. You’ll get a completely clean Windows. It’ll speed the PC up.

For existing Operating System

If you want to continue with your existing operating system, run setup.exe from Windows 10 ISO file burned in the USB or DVD. By now, you can’t lose any programs or files. Moreover, this way helps you to be updated with the new features released.

Final Remarks

You may still need to activate your account for a few weeks. You may or may not submit any feedback to the Microsoft official site. You can even get the updates from Windows 10.

How to Connect Soundbar to TV with HDMI

As the soundbar carries a significant amount of uncompressed digital audio data by using an HDMI cable, it produces an authentic and robust sound. So, if you want to have a studio-produced sound experience, the soundbar will be nothing but the best. A soundbar with HDMI cable is compatible with any surround sound system no matter it is 5.1 or 7.1. However, as the latest TV doesn’t come with a powerful sound speaker, using a soundbar will give you immense experience for listening to the audios.

So, here is the easiest way to connect the soundbar to TV using an HDMI. Let’s dive into it.

Connecting Soundbar to TV with HDMI using ARC

As most of the HDMI ports are the input-only, they can only receive data from whatever they’re connected to instead of sending an audio or video signal. So, if you want to connect your soundbar to TV using HDMI, you need HDMI-ARC, where ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. This ARC helps the audio signal to travel to both directions. So,

  • At first, connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI IN port of the TV. You’ll find it labelling ARC on the TV.
  • Next, you have to connect another end of the HDMI cable to the TV-OUT port of the soundbar.
  • By connecting both ends successfully, everything is ready to play the audio. Enjoy your music.

Before buying a soundbar Go to Soundmoz blog here is lot of collection of super quality soundbar in the market.

Connecting Soundbar to TV with HDMI without ARC but an Optical Audio Cable

Instead of using an ARC, you can connect the Soundbar to TV with HDMI by using an optical audio cable. Hence, you need an HDMI cable which will connect two ends of the TV and soundbar.

  • Now, connect on end of the HDMI cable to the TV-OUT port on the soundbar.
  • Then connect another end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI IN port of the TV.
  • After connecting both ends successfully, you have to use an optical audio cable to connect from TV’s optical Digital Audio out to Optical IN on the soundbar.
  • Everything is ready, and here you can play your favourite sound through the soundbar.

Connecting Soundbar to TV with HDMI without ARC and an Optical Audio Cable

However, if you have no ARC or an optical audio cable, you can still connect the soundbar to the TV with HDMI. Here, you have to use an external device to connect both TV and the soundbar. So,

  • At first, connect one end of the external device with the HDMI cable to the HDMI IN port on the TV.
  • Then, connect the external device with another end of the HDMI cable to the soundbar.
  • You are ready by connecting both ends successfully to the soundbar and the TV.


A soundbar is a fantastic device to listen to the favourite audio from DVR, TV, Gaming Console, Streaming Media Box or Blu-ray Player. As some soundbars come with limited inputs, you should be conscious while purchasing. The more compatible a soundbar is, the more usable it is. Also, you can experience the latest technologies of sound such as DTS: X, Dolby Atoms etc. through a well-constructed soundbar.

How to Download Facebook Video?

Whenever we log in to Facebook and scroll the news feed, it’s always full of many entertaining videos shared by friends and whom you follow. Once one of them entertains us we wish to download it for watching again later. But Facebook doesn’t have the download option; all you can do is save it to watch online.

But there are ways with what you can download videos to watch offline however from PC or your smartphone. Do you want to know how to download Facebook video? This article will get you the answer.

Here are the ways you can download Facebook video from PC and your smartphone as well. Check it out.

Download Facebook Video on Android Smartphones

If you use Facebook on your android smartphone then this process is for you. To download Facebook video in this procedure you need to install an application that will help you to download the video you want.

Here is the application downloading process.

  • Go to the Google Playstore
  • Search ‘My video downloader for fb’
  • Download the app
  • Install it

You are done with the application installation process now see what to do next.

Downloading Process

To download your Facebook video steps you have to follow are given below. Go through the steps and download the video you want.

Step 1: Log in to your facebook account from the application you have installed (My video downloader for fb). Now, go to the video you want to download.

Step 2: Before you start downloading, go to the setting of the application and select the HD download option.

Step 3: Now, tap on the video you would like to download and select the download option. It will start downloading.

Step 4: When done, you will get it to the downloaded files and on your phone’s gallery as well. Play the video and enjoy.

This is how you can download the facebook video easily in HD quality.

Download Facebook Video on PC

Many of us think downloading Facebook videos on PC is way more troublesome than downloading it on the smartphone. Though it’s true enough, you can prove this statement wrong with the way we are going to suggest to you. This process works for all however if you use google chrome, Firefox or any other web browser. So, check the way out.

Here is the step by step instruction to download Facebook video on PC.

  • Step 1: Log in to your facebook account. Go to the news feed and find out the video you want to download. Open the video.
  • Step 2: Now, click the right button on that video and select ‘Show video URL’ option. Copy the URL link.
  • Step 3: After that, open a new tab. Type ‘’ on the search bar and go. You will notice a ‘Download’ option there. Paste the video URL you copied in the download bar.
  • Step 4: Select video format option to HD mode and start download. Click the right button on the download option and select ‘Save as’. Then, the download file location of your pc will come and type name there to save the file. Press ‘enter’ to save the file.
  • Step 5: The download process will be started automatically. Open the file when done. You have successfully downloaded the video.

So, this is the process of downloading Facebook videos from PC. If you use Facebook on PC it will definitely help you to download any video from Facebook.


Download any Facebook video you want from your android smartphone and PC with the suggested process up. You won’t have to face any kind of complication to download Facebook video in this procedure.

Hope this article helped you to know how to download Facebook video easily. Thanks for being with us.

How to enroll as a student in European university

When someone is willing to acquire a master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Europe in 2019, it is advisable that the individual undertakes the research early enough. There are certain countries where the submissions of the applications have to be done 9 months prior to the start of the study. Different private and public universities having diverse application deadlines. Thorough research pertaining to a certain university is there for important to avoid individuals from rushing in the last minute of the intake. This rush can lead to those scholars making wrong decisions which they had not planned for.

When applying for either masters or degree course, there are specific documents an individual should submit. A resume that contains the student details, transcripts or initial degree certificate, a resume, copy of identity card or passport, education level needed is another key thing that is put into consideration. These documents can either be supplied immediately after the actual application target if the application was early made. Admissions rules should be read in order for the student to exactly know the time and place the documents are needed.

It is therefore advisable to apply by the authorized application deadlines and impossible for later application because due to the closure of the websites through which an individual would have applied. However, most of the universities in most countries permit late entries when there is a vacant. When one notices he/she has missed a deadline, email or call the institution that offers the programme, probably if they accept the late application, then you are lucky.

Sweden and Finland are some universities that require someone to send applications very early when the closure dates are typically in January. It is therefore advisable that the person send late submissions for second admittance. This is successful when the courses you applied did not get a good amount of applicants. There are other countries that advocate for late application. Baltic countries like Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia can be applied for the university till June.

Germany public universities mostly accept submissions till mid-July. In countries like Austria, students can send their application even shortly before a semester begins. There are two stages in the application; submission of the application by the deadline and registration of the application. Once done with registration, an individual can proceed with to put more efforts on the application until the deadline time. When applying for a campus in Europe, candidates are advised to provide contacts and names of two or three referees.

Candidates are nominated by a board that consists of teaching workforce from the responsible department. The final endorsement is usually made by the managerial committee whose decisions are regarded to be the final with no appeal. A single application form is used in the application of a choice of 5 different courses but in the same institution. Once applications are submitted, the university will have an ample time in considering those applications.

There are some the entry requirement that resembles compulsory for an individual to join. In some universities, the students submit the documents

Need more details? Click on and get more information.


Perhaps no other railway fleet is as hard to board than the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Railway Company. This is due to the sheer population of potential commuters who prefer using the company to move around.

In response to the congested nature of such travels and the huge number of queues that people have to follow to book a place, the company did produce booking software. This is the Tatkal software.


For a start, the Tatkal software is a computer program that allows you to book tickets to the Indian Railways. It is designed to be a browser add-on. This is to mean that it is meant to work hand in hand with your browser to extend its functionality. We are going to demonstrate quickly how you are to use this software to book the trains.


Step I: Download the Software Program

Start by downloading the software from the internet. There are various versions of the software that are designed to work with different browsers. Some of the top browsers it supports are Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. The following sites may provide the much-needed starting point.

Step II: Install the Software

Install the software on your computer. While at it, create a shortcut at the desktop or the main Windows program list. This is to facilitate access whenever the situation may so require. After you have installed the software program, proceed to set your username, password, and other unique identifiers. These are the credentials you will utilize for your subsequent access and validations.

Tatkal Software

Step III: Fill in the Details

This is the crucial step of the entire booking process. It is this step that makes or breaks the entire exercise. With the software program opened, proceed to fill in the necessary details. Enter your name, contact details, the route, destination, entire duration of the journey, start, and end times, among other relevant details. Save the information and close the software program.

Step IV: Connect your Device to the Internet

Inasmuch as the software is mainly intended for offline use, you will still require an active internet connection to send the data you will have filled to the relevant server. If and when you are ready to do so, you will have to make arrangements to enable this happen. You may consider using your telephone company’s network to do this.

Step V: Send the Details

Finally, send the details to the remote server. As soon the reservation is effected, you will receive a confirmation from the Indian Railways Company. The confirmation appears directly on your screen. It displays among others, the time, route, start and end of the journey. In some instances, an e-mail or text message may be sent to you as well.


It is no secret that Tatkal software is indeed vital in beating the long queues that most train booking stations in India do experience. It is against this backdrop that you inevitably have to make good use of it. Be sure to do so in the soonest time possible!

House Party Ideas- Make a party Successful

House parties are of many types. This is determined by the crowd, but we are going to consider what all this house parties have in common.

We are going to start with the most obvious which is, music for a house party to be effective you need a good selection of music depending on the crowd. It’s always good to include techno music as this has been provided to increase heart rate which in turn making the quests more active and this keeps the party lively.

The next common factor is games. Now there are a set of games that are meant to help people bond these games include .tag your Friend where two strangers are partnered together and tasked with completing a set of challenges that require them to work together. This helps them connect and also makes the party livelier. The other game is truth or dare, this game is meant to break the ice in-house parties to help people know each other and to also help set the theme of the party.

The other common feature is the food served. If the party is a corporate party the guests will expect dinner or lunch. The food should be accompanied by drinks example glasses of wine for the guests. It’s always a good idea to serve alcohol as I help loosen the mood but a lot of alcohol may also ruin the party, so it should be restricted.

The other most important thing is entertainment, its always a good to have an MC.this is a person who keeps the crowd entertained, they tell jokes and keep the theme of the party, they also help organize and direct the party to the next stage.

The other important part of a house party is the venue, the venue influences the mood of the party. Now you might ask what I mean by the venue and we all know it’s a house party. Well, let me explain, the house where the party is taking place need to be pimped up by this I mean that you need to decorate the house to fit the theme of the party. Example if the house party is to celebrate a graduation party the house should be decorated with the colors of the school the graduate is from there should also be a dress code to complement the colors. If it’s a Christmas party there should be decorations to show the same. The decorations are meant to set the theme of the party and make it livelier

The last and most important part of a house party is uniqueness, most people assume that all house parties are the same simply because the theme of all the house parties is the same, now to change this you will need to set a unique theme that will keep the quests entertained yet curious. This helps in creating an environment of discovery, by keeping the quests guessing you keep them entertained.

All these common aspects of a house party changes from party to party depending on the host and the theme of the party and it’s up to the host to ensure that their party is unique while still maintaining the common aspects of a house party